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John Kerry, Keeping America’s Promise Commitment Helps Bring Democrats to Victory

For the past two years, John Kerry and the 3 million person strong online community of grassroots supporters have worked tirelessly on behalf of Democratic candidates running in the most critical races in the country. John Kerry gave early and often to arm the Democrats with the resources they needed to compete, and together with the community threw a record amount of support behind Democratic candidates this cycle.

Below are highlights of John Kerry’s work this cycle that helped make a Democratic Congress a reality:

·          John Kerry gave away $14 million to over 260 Democratic candidates and committees in races up and down the ticket in nearly every state in the country.

·          John Kerry traveled to 35 states to stump for candidates in local, state and federal races, helping to turn the vote in states from Massachusetts and Washington State to Texas and Virginia.

·          John Kerry made it his personal mission to give the Democratic veteran candidates running for Congress the resources they needed to compete in this election.  He gave $1.3 million to 31 veteran candidates this cycle. From throwing his early support behind Jim Webb, turning his primary race and giving nearly $400K to his campaign, to donating to veteran candidates like Joe Sestak early so they could run strong, well-funded campaigns from day one, John Kerry stood with his fellow veterans to change the course of this country.

·          John Kerry stood up when his fellow Democratic veterans any time they were swift-boated by their Republican opponents in this election.  When Leonard Boswell was attacked by misleading ads funded by the same Bush backers who funded the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, John Kerry raised 50K in 24 hours to help Boswell fight back. When the Republicans smeared the service records of veterans Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak, John Kerry was the first to stand by their side and call their opponents out on their lies.

·          John Kerry dispatched 5,000 volunteers into 25 states as the critical GOTV season heated up.

·          In the final days of the campaign, John Kerry raised a million dollars in just 24 hours for 4 of the most critical Senate races, setting a record for online fundraising through the community.

·          John Kerry raised over 500K for Bob Casey in his race to unseat Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania. Kerry raised over 300K each for Harold Ford, Jr., Jim Webb and Claire McCaskill. Kerry raised over 200K each for Maria Cantwell, Tammy Duckworth, Bill Nelson and Bob Menendez.

·          John Kerry raised over 100K each for 10 candidates, including Sherrod Brown, Chet Culver, Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak, Amy Klobuchar, Jim Pederson, and John Baldacci.