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ALEXANDRIA, VA - Straight Talk America today highlighted that by the time Senator John McCain lands in Prescott, Arizona to campaign for his friend and colleague Senator Jon Kyl, he will have attended 346 events and raised over $10.5 million on behalf of Republican candidates across the country in the 2006 midterm election cycle.

The Senator’s whirlwind tour of the United States included campaigning for challengers and incumbents who are essential to holding the Republican majorities in Congress.  The following are some facts and figures regarding Senator McCain’s efforts on behalf of federal, state, and local Republican Party entities in all 50 states.

Senator McCain's Totals for the 2006 Election Cycle

Total money raised on behalf of candidates; federal, state and county parties: Approximately $10,506,866

Total money donated to campaigns; federal, state and county parties: $1,448,848

Total events attended on behalf of candidates; state and local parties:  346

Total miles flown on behalf of candidates: 137,747 - enough miles to fly 5.29 times around the globe

Total direct mail pieces sent to American voters on behalf of candidates:  610,500

Total phone calls made to American voters on behalf of candidates:  Approximately 11,864,581

Total emails sent to American voters on behalf of candidates:  792,377

"I have done what I can to promote the conservative cause and help hard-working candidates earn victories across our nation," Senator McCain said.

“The time and effort I have put forth on behalf of the Republican party pales in comparison to the impact of the American voters’ will.  It is more important that all Americans express their freedom and their opinions by going to the polls tomorrow.  Every election cycle, I ask all Americans to take a moment to remember how many men and women around the world have fought and died for this freedom.”