RNC ad

"The Stakes"
First released as a web ad on Oct. 19, 2006; run on cable Oct. 22.

Audio: Ticking.

On the Screen:
“What is yet to come will be even greater” -Osama Bin Laden, Al Jazeera, 12/26/01 

“With God’s permission we call on everyone who believes in God…to comply with His will to kill the Americans.” -Osama Bin Laden (The World Islamic Front, Fatwa, 2/23/98)

[Text Fades: “kill the Americans”] 

“They will not come to their senses unless the attacks fall on their heads and…until the battle has moved inside America.” -Osama Bin Laden (Interview, Al-Jazeera, 10/21/01)

[Text Fades: “inside America.”]

“We sent our people to Moscow, to Tashkent, to other central Asian states, and they negotiated.  And we purchased some suitcase bombs.”  -Ayman Al-Zawahiri (“Al Qaeda: We Bought Nuke Cases,” [New York] Daily News, 3/22/04)

[Text Fades: “suitcase bombs.”]

“Our message is clear—what you saw in New York and Washington and what you are seeing in Afghanistan and Iraq, all these are nothing compared to what you will see next.”   -Ayman Al-Zawahiri (“Al Qaeda Threatens More UK, U.S. Attacks,” CNN.com, 8/4/05)

[Text Fades: “nothing compared to what you will see next.”]

“What is yet to come will be even greater”

These Are The Stakes. Vote November 7th. 


The Republican National Committee Is Responsible For The Content Of This Advertising.  Paid For By The Republican National Committee. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate Committee. www.GOP.com


Notes: The Democratic National Committee responded with a press release headlined "The Real Stakes: RNC Ad Shows Desperate GOP" (Oct. 20).  In it DNC Communications Director Karen Finney stated:
"Once again we see that the GOP will truly do and say anything regardless of whether or not it's true, they are so desperate to hold onto power.  There is indeed a lot at stake in this election. 

"The truth is that under the incompetent GOP leadership, led by President Bush who moved our special forces out of Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden is still on the loose and the Taliban is resurging in Afghanistan.  And, under the GOP watch, our troops are pinned down in the middle of a civil war in Iraq, North Korea is testing nuclear weapons, and our troops still lack adequate body armor.  Clearly Republicans are so afraid of their abysmal record they can't offer one example of what they've done to keep America safe.  Democrats offer Americans a real plan to keep us safe at home and around the world that starts with tracking down the terrorists, not just more fear and smear attack ads."