Romney:  Crunching the Numbers

During the 2006 election cycle, Governor Mitt Romney has joined countless Republican candidates and supporters to help advance the conservative principles of the GOP.  Romney’s Commonwealth PAC has raised $8.75 million and distributed nearly $1.4 million to help local, state and federal Republican candidates as well as party organizations.  The Commonwealth PAC distributed the funds across 36 states.

Romney also helped candidates on the ground in their campaigning efforts.  During this election cycle, he campaigned for more than 55 local, state or federal GOP candidates and attended over 75 different campaign events for federal and gubernatorial candidates alone.  In addition, Romney participated in 23 state and county GOP events.

Romney’s Commonwealth PAC also sent out more than 400,000 mail pieces to help support the Republican effort.

In addition to the PAC funds, as the head of the Republican Governor’s Association, Governor Romney helped the RGA to a record breaking year in which they raised $26 million and distributed $24 million.

Source: The Commonwealth PAC