Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.
30-second ad run in IA  starting Dec. 28, 2007 (announced Dec. 26).

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Thompson:  I'm Fred Thompson and I approved this message.

[Music] Male Announcer: The Wall Street Journal says Fred Thompson's tax cut plan "leads the GOP field."

A leading economic group calls it a plan "conservatives can rally around."

The conservative National Review says only Thompson has outlined "specific, conservative policies" on immigration.  

Investor's Daily says Thompson's national security plan features a "Reaganesque rebuilding of our military."

And the National Right to Life Committee endorsed him because they know he can win.

Fred Thompson.  The clear conservative choice. 


Notes: This is the campaign's closing ad in Iowa.  The campaign had a fundraising tie-in with this ad on its website.

Dec. 26 grab
Just minutes ago, Fred sent out an email to our supporter list sharing news of a new ad we are planning to run in Iowa. It also came with a challenge. We need to raise $248,846 by 6 PM on Friday to run the ad statewide through the caucus. As you may have noticed on the homepage, we’ve brought the red pickup truck back. Contributions will be tracked on the homepage as we “fill up the pickup truck” and provide the money needed to keep the ad on the air through the caucus.

Here’s the email from Fred:

In just a few minutes I will be heading to the airport to fly out to Iowa for the final sprint before the January 3rd Caucuses.

I am writing today because now, more than ever, I need your help.

The first leg of our Iowa bus tour last week was phenomenal. We visited with voters in 21 cities and towns and did 21 events all across the state. Everywhere we went we were greeted by enthusiastic crowds of Iowans who are looking for a consistent conservative leader who will tell it like it is.

It’s working: Just last Friday a new Strategic Vision poll showed me moving into a strong third at 16%.

We are poised for the great showing we want!

Just last week I picked up the endorsement of Congressman Steve King. He has been a champion in the fight to end illegal immigration, and I am pleased that he has joined our team. He’s been with me on the bus and the great reception we’ve received on the tour has really put a jolt into this race.

This is where you come in.

I have a terrific new TV spot. You can see it now at Take a look, and forward this message on to 10 of your friends.

I need your help to put it on the air. We need to put $248,846 in the bank before 6 PM EST on Friday, December 28th to do it.

Can you help me by making a contribution today? I know I’ve asked a lot, and you’ve done a lot, but this is critical to our success. Help me make history.

The Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down bus tour will run from today to caucus day. We have a terrific ground game in place.

All we need is air cover–which the spot on our website will provide.

This ad will help me let the people of Iowa know that my plans for this country are the best that have been presented. It will help me make the case that not only am I the only reliable, consistent conservative in this race, but that I have the experience and the vision to lead our Party and our nation through difficult times.

I’ve always shot straight with you, now’s no different. I need your help. Can I count on you?