Romney for President, Inc.
2-minute ad run in NH starting evening of Jan. 7, 2008.

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This is an important moment in our nation's history.  There's a tide of change sweeping New Hampshire and America.  Everywhere I go people say Washington is broken.
And they know that those who've spent their careers in Washington can't change Washington.

For decades, they've heard Washington politicians say they would reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  They haven't.

For years, they said they'd fix our schools.  They haven't.

For years, they said they'd fix healthcare.  They haven't.

And for just as many years, they've said they'd secure our borders.  They haven't.

It's long past time to bring real change to Washington.  That's never going to happen if all we do is send the same people back to Washington to sit in different chairs.

We need new energy, we need new ideas, and we need new leaders.  We need people who can turn around Washington.

I'm the only candidate for President who's done that in the real world. 

I've done it in business, at the Olympics and as Governor.

I'm going to bring that real world turnaround experience with me to Washington.

Your vote tomorrow is going to affect your job, your children's schools and how long you sit in the doctor's waiting room.

But it's also going to determine whether America will continue to lead the world as the great superpower it is today.

We're going to see more dramatic change in the next decade than we've seen in our entire lifetimes.

How will all the change affect you?

Will someone in China or India take your job?  Or will your job be selling American products to them? 

Will your children fear attack from violent Jihadists?

Or will they be safe and secure in a stronger America?
America needs to get ready for these and many other new challenges. 
There isn't a single challenge we can't overcome with the spirit, determination and imagination that has always been at the heart of the American people.
If you want to change Washington, and get America ready for the future, America needs you now.

I'm Mitt Romney, and I not only approve this message, I'm asking for your vote.