Romney for President, Inc.
"Unplugged Iowa"
60-second ad aired in IA starting Feb. 21, 2007.
TV Weather Woman (Voice Over):  ...heavy snow at times this morning and we'll continue to see strong winds at 15-25 miles an hour..."

Mitt Romney (Voice Over):  ...Cold and windy, blowing snow… and you made it!

I believe the best ally of peace in the world is a strong America. 

(on camera) I believe our laws ought to be written by the people and not by unelected judges.

I believe the American people are over-taxed, and the government is over-fed.

I believe we're spending too much money, and that's got to stop.

Look, these are critical times we face.

We face attack from jihadists.  We face tougher competition than we've ever known before, coming from Asia.

We're spending too much money here.  We're using too much oil here.

Our schools are failing too many of our kids.

This is not a time for more talk and dithering in Washington. 

It's a time for action.

Romney (Voice Over): I'm Mitt Romney, I'm running for President, and I approve this message.


Notes: This set of ads was the first run by one of the leading candidates in the 2008 cycle (Duncan Hunter's PAC ran ads earlier and longshot candidate John Cox did as well). 

Visually and audially this ad has a very dynamic opening.  On the audio track several layers are discernable including what sounds like a snow plow or engine, the woman weatherperson, music and Romney cutting in.  Meanwhile on the screen are rapid series of clips including several shots of a snow plow, people stomping snow off their feet, Romney arriving, faces in the crowd, Romney moving through the crowd, cameras and so forth.  The "Des Moines, Iowa February 13, 2007" date and location gives the ad immediacy and recalls the real time ads that then Gov. George W. Bush used in the 2000 New Hampshire primary (example). 

The bulk of the ad shows various clips of Romney speaking at the town hall meeting with the American flag prominent in the background.  Three text screens (white text on black background) punctuate the ad: "The Strength of America" "Mitt Romney. President." and "Strong. New. Leadership."  At the close are a couple of shots of Romney with his wife.

According to the press release, "The ads showcase Governor Romney unplugged and up close as he discusses his belief in the strength of the American people."