Romney for President, Inc.

"Ann on Family"

60-second radio ad airing in IA and NH  starting July 12, 2007.

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[Music] Ann Romney:  "The most common question I get is 'How did you guys meet?'  It's always so fun to tell that story."

Male Announcer:  "Ann Romney talks about her husband Mitt Romney."

Ann Romney:  "We met in high school at a party, and we've been going steady ever since.

"We've been married 38 years.  We have five sons, lovely sons, and ten grandchildren.

"I was always looking for that girl.  I had to wait until my first granddaughter.  Finally, I get to buy pink!

"Mitt says his greatest success is being able to say 'I've been a good father, and a good husband.'

"Sometimes, I'd be home with those five boys, and it was rough.  They were, they were pretty crazy boys.  And they were wild. 

"He'd call home and remind me that what I was doing was much more important than what he was doing.

"Mitt says there's no work more important than what goes on within the four walls of the American home.  And that's the way it was in our home. 

"I'm Ann Romney, and if you see us on the campaign trail, please come up and say hello.  Or, you can get on the website at"

Gov. Mitt Romney:  "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message."

Male Announcer:  "Paid for by Romney for President."