Romney for President, Inc.
30-second ad run in IA starting July 31, 2007.

National Media, Inc.

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Mitt Romney (clip from town hall or forum): We should secure our border. 

We should put in place an employment verification system.

And then when an employer is thinking of hiring someone the federal database immediately tells them whether they’re available to be working or not. 

If they’re not you can’t hire them.

People that are here illegally are going to have to get in line with everybody else with no special pathway to becoming citizens

Legal immigration is great, but illegal immigration that we’ve got to end.

Thank you, and amnesty is not the way to do it.

Mitt Romney (voiceover): I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.


Notes: A tough on illegal immigration ad.  Curious text screens with white text off-center against a plain black background. ("Secure Borders," "Employee Verification for Immigrants," "Enforce the Law").  Still using "Strong. New. Leadership." slogan.