Romney for President, Inc.
"American Family"
30-second ad run in IA, NH starting Nov. 19, 2007.

National Media, Inc.

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[Music] Romney (voiceover and to camera):  I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.

The future of this country is more affected by the work that goes on within the four walls of the home than anything else.

You teach kids about what TV to watch.  You teach them how to read.

Ann Romney:  And that's how we raised our boys, is knowing that they were the focus.

Romney:  It's just essential to have a home where faith, where love of country, where determination, where all of these features that are so much a part of America's culture are tied to our kids.

And without that, I don't see how a society continues to lead the world.


Notes: This ad, run around Thanksgiving, has a very different look from other Romney ads.  The candidate, wearing a sweater, talks with folks gathered at a kitchen table.  The camera cuts several times to these people listening and nodding appreciatively and are also a few stock footage clips woven in.