Romney for President, Inc.

"Stronger Economy"

60-second radio ad airing in IA starting Nov. 22, 2007 (announced Nov. 21).

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[Music] Male Announcer:  Governor Mitt Romney on controlling wasteful spending and lowering burdensome taxes.

Romney:  I saw the potential of economic conservatism when I became governor.  Our state budget was $3 billion short.  Liberals wanted to raise taxes, but I cut government instead.

I eliminated and combined duplicative agencies and programs, and I balanced the budget 4 years in a row. 

Announcer:  As president Mitt Romney will audit Washington top to bottom.  Mitt will cap non-defense spending a bold plan that'll save $300 billion in 10 years.

Romney:  We have an opportunity to really make a change in this country.  

I'm going to cut spending.  I'm going to cut taxes.  

Lower marginal tax rates [applause] for all Americans.

Announcer:  And Mitt Romney is the first candidate to take the tax pledge.

Romney:  I signed the tax pledge because I want everyone to know where I stand.  We've got to get taxes down and grow our economy.

Announcer:  A stronger economy?  Vote Mitt Romney for President.

Romney:  I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message.

Announcer:  Paid for by Romney for President.