Tancredo for a Secure America
"Tough on Terror 2"
60-second radio ad airing in IA starting week of Nov. 12 2007. 
Tancredo:  According to FBI reports, Al-Qaeda may be planning to strike at shopping malls here in America later this year.  And the candidates for president are talking about health care and energy policy?

Iím Tom Tancredo and I say all issues pale in comparison to the fact that Islamic Jihadists are here and plotting our destruction.  

Itís time for real leadership in Washington.  I will secure our borders and ports, I will stop all visas to nations that sponsor terrorism and arrest and deport any alien who preaches violence and hatred whether thatís in coming from a mosque or a street corner in a Mayday parade. 

Iíll prosecute those who provide sanctuary to anyone who would harm us, deport all those who do not belong here, and put the military on the border if necessary, to keep them from coming back.

Leadership is about more than taking action after an attack, itís about doing everything in your power to stop it, and I mean everything. 

This is Tom Tancredo and I approved this ad because someone has to say it.

Female Voice: Paid for by Tancredo for a Secure America.  Call 1-888-GOTOM08 and ask for Rachael.