Tancredo for a Secure America
"No Amnesty!"
60-second radio ad airing in IA starting week of July 20, 2007.  Also running "Protecting American Values" and "The Culture War."
Tancredo:  Friends we are losing our country.

Fifteen to twenty million illegal aliens have taken up residency in our land.  They're burdening our schools and hospitals and they are threatening our security. 

And the best our leaders can do is amnesty?

This is Congressman Tom Tancredo.  Those entrusted with the responsibility to secure our nation  claim they can't do it without amnesty.  But it's not amnesty they need, it's guts.

It's the guts to stand up to the special interests that are selling out our country. 

As your president I will build a fence across the Southern border.  I will prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens.  I will make English our official language, and I will never, ever, ever give amnesty to illegal aliens.

If you agree our nation is at risk, help me stop amnesty by defeating the amnesty politicians at the Straw Poll on August 11th. 

To help, join Tom's army against amnesty and call 1-888-GO-TOM-08 and ask for Rachel.

This is Tom Tancredo and I approve this message.  Paid for by Tancredo for President.