Tancredo for a Secure America
"Protecting American Values"
60-second radio ad airing in IA starting week of July 20, 2007.  Also running "No Amnesty!" and "The Culture War."

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Tancredo:  You know the most important job of any president is to protect the American people from danger.

I'm Congressman Tom Tancredo, and like every other parent I know not all danger comes in the form of terrorism or violence.

In the world today America's values are every bit as threatened as our citizens.  Abortion, homosexual marriage, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning gravely endanger the culture of life and faith upon which the United States was founded and has always prospered.

When I am president I will not rest until the federal government affords traditional marriage, the unborn child, religious expression and human life itself the respect they deserve.

I will defend our traditional culture at home as vigorously as I defend our interests abroad.

Join me and together we can protect our nation's values and pass along to our children an America worth fighting for.

Female Announcer:  Go to  Paid for by Tancredo for a Secure America, Bill Salier, Iowa Chairman.