Tancredo for a Secure America
"The Culture War"
60-second radio ad airing in IA starting week of July 20, 2007.  Also running "No Amnesty" and "Protecting American Values."

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Tancredo:  Hi, this is Tom Tancredo. 

The battle against terrorism is not the only war this country is fighting.  Our culture is under attack by the federal courts. 

It began 35 years ago when the Supreme Court declared war on the unborn, and continues today as federal judges assault traditional marriage.

At stake is the very soul of this great country, a battle as important to this nation as is the war against Islamic jihadists. 

I proudly stand with the unborn children in the fight to overturn Roe vs. Wade, for there is no crusade more fundamental than protecting innocent life.

I stand on the side of traditional marriage, instituted for us by God, who knows better than any federal judge that children need a mother and a father.

If we are to prevail in this great crusade I need your help.

Come to the Iowa Straw Poll and give me your support.  Go to or call 1-888-GO-TOM-08.

Female Announcer:  Go to  Paid for by Tancredo for a Secure America, Bill Salier, Iowa Chairman.