Alliance for a New America

30 sec. TV ad run in IA starting late Dec. 2007.

[Music] Male Announcer: The price of dependence on foreign oil.

Health care in crisis.

Government run by corporate lobbyists.

Isn't it time someone had a plan to take them on?

The Edwards plan.

Ban campaign cash from lobbyists.

End tax breaks for big oil.

Stop job-killing trade deals.

Stand up to insurance companies for real health reform.

Ask all the candidates for their plans te level the playing field.

Paid for by Alliance for a New America which is responsible for its content.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Notes: This ad might easily be mistaken for an Edwards campaign ad.  Instead it's from the Alliance for a New America, a 527-group funded largely by the SEIU and by Oak Spring Farms LLC, an entity tied to the 96-year Rachel Mellon whose power of attorney is held by New York attorney Alexander Forger.