Biden for President, Inc.

60-second ad run in IA  starting Aug. 19, 2007.  According the the campaign this ad and "Cathedral" are "scheduled to run through Labor Day weekend at a cost of approximately a quarter of a million dollars." 

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[Explosion SFX] Male Announcer: In a world this dangerous with a crisis as tough as Iraq hard truths need to be told.  [Music up]

Joe Biden says this war must end now, and Joe Biden's plan shows the leadership and vision we need to prevent a civil war from turning into a regional war that could endanger America.

Joe Biden's plan would separate the warring factions.  Only Biden would create the breathing room needed to stablize the country.

And Joe Biden led and won the fight to fund mine resistant vehicles because the lives of our troops are at stake.

Maybe it's because for over 30 years and as head of the Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden has dealt with the world's most dangerous problems, from nuclear weapons in the former Soviet Union to genocide in the Balkans and Darfur.

Or maybe it's because he believes so deeply in the ability of the American people to handle the truth that you know if Joe Biden is president the truth will be told.

Biden (voice over): I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.


Notes: After opening with Iraq footage, the rest of the ad consists of a series of black and white photos of Sen. Biden.  The web address given at the end is not the campaign's main page, but a sub-site,