Biden for President, Inc.

"January Night"
30-second ad run in IA  starting Dec. 20, 2007. 

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[Music]  Male Announcer:  It is a time of possibilities.  Remarkable things can happen in the swirling dark cold of a January night.

People are deciding that the truth counts, that leadership takes a steady hand, a steel spine, a cool head, an honest heart.

We'll need wisdom and judgment.

This world can be made safer for our nation and our families.

It's time to choose a president.

Biden: I'm Joe Biden, and I approve this message.


Notes: "January Night" has a somewhat poetic opening.  On the screen is snow falling in a dark night, while music plays and the announcer refers to "a time of possibilities"   The narration presents broad leadership qualities, while wo text screens highlight specific policy proposals/accomplisments (1. "The Biden Exit Plan for Iraq won overwhelming support at home and abroad" and 2. "Writing the Violence Against Women Act.  Ending genocide in Bosnia.")  The rest of the ad is very simple -- six black and white photos of Biden.  

From the press release:

The 30-second spot highlights the uniqueness of the Iowa caucuses and their long tradition of advancing candidates based on integrity, experience, and proven leadership.  Emphasizing that the Iowa caucuses represent an opportunity to alter our nation’s trajectory in the face of significant challenges both at home and abroad and that Joe Biden is the only candidate ready to lead from Day One, the ad asks caucus-goers to do more than choose a candidate—“choose a president.” 

“In many ways Iowa is the only level playing field left in presidential politics,” said Biden for President Campaign Manager Luis Navarro. “Iowans have a proud history of bucking punditry and conjecture, and choosing a candidate based on the authenticity of their experience and strength of their character. Our campaign grows more confident with each passing day that this tradition will lead Iowans to choose Joe Biden on January 3rd.”