Caucus Mix
Ads* in the Closing Days of the 2008 Iowa Caucus Campaign
from evening newscasts on KCCI Channel 8 (CBS...a Hearst-Argyle station) "Iowa's News Leader"
*Ads listed below do not include station and network promos.
This section made possible through the assistance of Robert A. Ussery of Des Moines.

In the closing days of the Iowa caucus campaign 14 groups were running campaign-related ads during the evening newscasts on this Des Moines station -- ten campaigns (six Democrats and four Republicans) and four interest groups.  Whether by choice or for budgetary reasons several of the campaigns largely stayed with one final ad, while others ran a mix.  The ads were mostly positive except a Romney ad targeting Huckabee and a ad also targeting Huckabee.  On Caucus eve the Clinton and Obama campaigns ran special two-minute ads.  KCCI seemed to avoid running campaign ads in the first ad breaks of their newscasts, possibly so as not to cause ad-weary viewers to change the channel.  Ads by supportive groups frequently ran adjacent to the ads of the campaigns those groups were supporting (AFSCME PEOPLE ad followed by the Clinton ad; Alliance for a New America and Working 4 Working Americans ads next to Edwards ads).  One possible explanation is that the media buyers are the same for the campaigns and the supportive groups.
Sun., Dec. 30, 2007 Mon., Dec. 31, 2007 Tues., Jan. 1, 2008 Wed., Jan. 2, 2008

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2007
"Now at 10"   Note: Broadcast started late (possibly because of football).
>>> Ad Break 1 . . .
[Headlines] Homemakers (furniture) (:15) Ford Fusion Prairie Life Fitness Flooring Gallery
1 cont'd >> Ad Break 2 . . .
Homemakers (furniture) (:15) "Office" Thrasher Service (plumbing/heating) Chrysler "Substance"
Ad Break 3 . . . Ad Break 4
AFSCME People "Stakes" Re-Bath "Defender of Freedom" "United" (:30)
4 cont'd >> . . . .
Kia Des Moines Consumers Energy/
School Net
"Hope" Mercedes Benz "Searched"
Ad Break 5 . . . .
"Founding Fathers" "Together" Dodge "Time for Truth" Working 4 Working Americans
5 cont'd >> . .
Meskwaki [News wrap up, end/
start of next program]
Total broadcast time:
Total ads: 25 (including two 15 sec.) totaling 12 minutes.  Total campaign ads: 12 totaling 6 minutes.
Groups running campaign ads: 12.  Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Huckabee, Obama, Paul, Romney, FThompson;
AFSCME PEOPLE,, and Working 4 Working Americans.

Sun., Dec. 30, 2007 Mon., Dec. 31, 2007 Tues., Jan. 1, 2008 Wed., Jan. 2, 2008


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