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"Bill Clinton or Mike Huckabee"
30-second ad run in Iowa starting Aug. 2, 2007.  "The week-long ad buy totals $85,000, covering the Des Moines/Ames broadcast market and cable systems throughout the state.  The cable TV buy begins today, while the broadcast buy begins Sunday, August 5."

Done in the style of an old moving picture.
[Music]  Male Announcer: There once was a governor from Hope, Arkansas...

...who raised taxes like there was no tomorrow...

...higher sales taxes... 

[SFX] gas taxes... 

[SFX] grocery taxes...

[SFX] even higher taxes on nursing home beds.

Raised spending by 50 percent too. [SFX]

Who is that tax and spend liberal Arkansas governor?

Bill Clinton? [SFX]

No, it's Mike Huckabee.

He even wants to tax the Internet, too.  [SFX]

Tell Mike Huckabee to give lower taxes a try.

Notes:  The Huckabee campaign's counsel sent a letter to station managers urging them "to refrain from airing this false and misleading advertisement." 

Bill Clinton or Mike Huckabee?
Club for Growth.Net Releases Ad on Mike Huckabee

Washington - Club for Growth.Net is releasing a television ad (viewable here) in Iowa today urging former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee to reject his tax-and-spend ways and support a ban on Internet taxes (H.R. 1077).  As Governor, Mike Huckabee opposed a federal ban on Internet taxes, saying a federal ban would amount to "putting a federal stop sign onto a state road."

The playful ad educates viewers about Governor Huckabee's tax-and-spend track record throughout his ten years in Arkansas. These include:

  • Higher sales taxes (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 11/07/96) 
  • Higher gas taxes (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 06/29/99) 
  • Higher grocery taxes (Associated Press, 09/11/02; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 11/17/02) 
  • Higher taxes on nursing home beds (Associated Press, 06/25/01) 
  • Support for taxes on the Internet (Reuters, 02/23/04) 
  • A 50% increase in government spending (Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration, Office of Budget) 
"Throughout his ten years as governor, Mike Huckabee has demonstrated a willingness to slap a tax increase on everything from groceries to nursing home beds," said Club for Growth.Net President Pat Toomey. "As Congress considers legislation banning Internet taxes, we urge Huckabee to turn over a new leaf and embrace a tax-free Internet."

The week-long ad buy totals $85,000, covering the Des Moines/Ames broadcast market and cable systems throughout the state. The cable TV buy begins today, while the broadcast buy begins Sunday, August 5.


from Mike Huckabee for President Exploratory Committee
August 2, 2007

Mike Huckabee Campaign Manager Speaks out Against Club for Growth Television Ad 

Little Rock, AR Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's Campaign Manager, Chip Saltsman has issued the following statement in response to a Club for Growth television ad that attacks Gov. Huckabee's Record on Economic Issues: 

"When you go hunting, you aim for a trophy buck not a dead animal.  We are flattered that the Club for Growth is recognizing the same momentum for our campaign that we are, but saddened that they have again decided to shoot blanks instead of bullets by trotting out the same reckless and thoroughly discredited attacks that responsible journalists have repeatedly rebuffed. 

"Governor Huckabee cut taxes 94 times and returned almost $400 million to Arkansas  taxpayers, including the first broad-based tax cut in the history of the state.  He doubled the standard deduction and the child care tax credit, eliminated the marriage penalty and the capital gains tax on the sale of a home, and reduced the capital gains tax for both businesses and individuals.  After serving as governor for more than ten years, Gov. Huckabee left the state with almost $1 billion in surplus. 

"More than 80% of the voters supported a 4-cent tax on diesel fuel to fix the roads.  Similarly, the voters approved a 1/8 cent increase in the sales tax to preserve their natural and cultural heritage.  The Governor would have violated his oath of office if he did not go with the will of these voters.  He did not raise taxes -- the people did. 

"Governor Huckabee did not raise spending by 50%.  With respect to the spending that the Governor had under his control, spending rose about six-tenths of one percent a year during his ten-and-a-half year tenure. As far as taxing the internet, in 2004, Gov. Huckabee joined with 43 other governors in asking Congress for help in creating a level playing field for Main Street businesses and preserving revenues for schools as well as state and local government. 

"It's sad that a group would risk its credibility by leveling such absurd charges on a conservative governor who led his state to its first broad-based tax cuts and who implemented the cost saving measures of the Murphy Commission, which he appointed on his first day in office."