Hillary Clinton for President

30 sec. ad run in IA starting approx. Jan. 1, 2008. 

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[Music] Male Announcer: Newspapers across Iowa have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Her readiness to lead sets her apart    [Des Moines Register]

A proven, passionate, intelligent leader   [Quad City Times]

The experience and tenacity needed now   [The Hawk Eye]

Every state of her life has prepared her for the presidency   [Des Moines Register]

She understands the changes needed...but also possesses the discipline and skill...to get things done   [Des Moines Register]

We urge you all to get to the caucus.  Stand up for Hillary; stand up for America.   [The Vinton Eagle]

Clinton: Iím Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.


Notes: This ad has much of the same imagery as "Tested," the ad from about Dec. 17, 2007 based on the Des Moines Register endorsement.  Compare to the Obama endorsements ad "Hope."