Hillary Clinton for President

30 sec. ad run in IA, released Nov. 28, 2007.

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[Music] Clinton: You know we have big economic problems ahead.  The price of oil is going way up; the price of our homes is going down.  The middle class is getting slammed.

Male Announcer:  If we want a strong economy, we need a strong President.

Clinton:  Iíll start by taking away those tax breaks that the administration has lavished on big corporations and give you a break instead. 

Iíll create new jobs as we push for alternative energies and Iíll cut the deficit. 

A lot of people talk about Americaís problems, but the next President has to be ready to solve them on day one.

Clinton (voiceover): Iím Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.


Notes:  This is the first Clinton ad which does not rely on clips from events or speeches, but is based on Clinton talking directly to the camera, albeit with crowd and interaction shots woven in.