Hillary Clinton for President

30 sec. ad run in IA and NH announced Dec. 26, 2007.

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[Music] No narration except the disclaimer.  Text on screen.  [Images in brackets].

A nation at war  ...[Soldier’s helmet]

Troubles at home  ...[Foreclosure sign]

America at a crossroads  ...[National debt calculator]

Demands a leader  ...[Hillary supporters with signs]

With a steady hand  ...[Hillary Clinton]

Who will weather the storms  ...[Damaged house-spray painted with “Katrina Was Here”]

Solve our problems  ...[Baby being treated by doctor]

Rebuild our middle class  ...[Person welding]

And renew our greatness   ...[Child with American flag]

Hillary Clinton   ...[Hillary Clinton]
A New Beginning 

Clinton (voiceover): I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.