Chris Dodd for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in IA, NH and on national cable, May 15, 2007.

Produced by Saul Schorr

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[Music] Chris Dodd: Half measures won't stop this president from continuing our involvement in Iraq's civil war. 

That's why I'm fighting for the only responsible measure in Congress that would take away the President's blank check and set a timetable to bring our troops home.

Unfortunately, my colleagues running for President have not joined me. 

I'm Chris Dodd.  I'm running for President. 

I approved this message because we can't simply wait for a new President.  We should have the conviction to stand up to this one. 


Notes:  Dodd is supporting the Reid-Feingold legislation, which according to the press release "would bring an end to the war by requiring the President to safely and responsibly redeploy all combat troops by March 31, 2008."  The release notes, "Unlike other proposals, Dodd's plan is the only measure which would use the Congressional power of the purse to end the war by a date certain and responsibly redeploy combat troops."  Further, according to the release,
"This ad draws a clear distinction between Senator Dodd and the rest of the Democratic field," said Dodd campaign manager Sheryl Cohen. "Chris Dodd understands that half measures aren't going to change George Bush's course in Iraq, and he's set himself apart by fighting for a plan that would use Congressional power to require the President to safely and responsibly redeploy American troops and bring an end to the war."
Observations: Like the Edwards campaign's first ad "We the People-Iowa" from a week earlier, Iraq is the theme, but the approach to the subject is vastly different..