Chris Dodd for President, Inc.

"Ready to Lead"
30-second ad run in IA and NH starting May 24, 2007.

Produced by Saul Schorr

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[Music] Male Announcer:  Chris Dodd has been challenging the other candidates to support the Feingold-Reid-Dodd amendment to end our involvement in Iraq's civil war.  It worked. 

Now Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have changed their positions to follow Chris Dodd. 

Soon Chris Dodd will be talking in Iowa [New Hampshire] about his plan to stop global warming, the plan Al Gore and Bill Bradley have called "creative" and "bold." 

Maybe the other candidates will follow Chris Dodd on global warming, too.

Chris Dodd (voiceover):  I'm Chris Dodd, and I approve this message. 


Notes:  According to the press release:
At a time when the stakes couldn't be greater for the nation, Chris Dodd is moving the debate away from half-measures to bold solutions on our most pressing issues," said Dodd Campaign Manager Sheryl Cohen. "Whether it's on ending the war in Iraq or meeting the energy crisis, Chris Dodd is demonstrating that he's ready to lead with boldness, clarity and conviction."
Specifically the release notes, "Dodd's sweeping energy plan would institute a corporate carbon tax and raise fuel standards to 50 mpg."