Chris Dodd for President, Inc.

60-second ad run in IA and on national cable starting Oct. 24, 2007.

Produced by Saul Schorr

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[Music] Barber 1:  You know he was in the Peace Corps; served in the military too.

Barber 2:  Is that when it started?

Dodd:  No, I didn't get the white hair from the Peace Corps or the military.

Barber 1:  You know as a Senator, Chris Dodd personally helped to negotiate peace in Central America, and in Northern Ireland.

Barber 2:  That'll give you some white hair.

Dodd:  Twenty-six years on the Foreign Relations Committee--oh yeah, that'll do it.

Barber 1:  And it was Dodd who passed the Family and Medical Leave Act.  You know it took getting Democrats and Republicans together to get that done.

Dodd:  I got a lot of white hairs from that one.

Barber 2:  It seems like he's more interested in getting results, not just fighting.

Barber 1:  And if he got nominated, we'd have a Democrat who could win, plus I figure he'd make the best president of them all.

Barber 2:  Iowa fire fighters back him, right?

Dodd:  Yep, that's right.

Kid in Barber Chair:  Hey, it's Chris Dodd.  We were just talking about you.

Dodd:  Looks like I'm up guys.  How much are these haircuts?

Male Announcer (voiceover):  Chris Dodd: Results for a Change.

Dodd:  I'm Chris Dodd and I approved this message.

Barber 1:  Good haircut.

Dodd:  Thanks.


Notes: The ad takes a whimsical approach to presenting Dodd's experience.  It was shot at Jim's barbershop in Winterset, Iowa.  The ad is quite believable, however, as the Des Moines Register's Lisa Rossi reported ("Shop is real, barbers aren't in Dodd ad"), barbers John and Jesse are in fact actors.

From  the press release:

"People across America, including Iowa, are frustrated with their leaders promising change, but failing to achieve any real results," said campaign manager Sheryl Cohen. "Sen. Dodd has 26 years of proven leadership and results to run on in this race, and that's what he's doing. From international affairs to key domestic issues, Sen. Dodd has not been just fighting, but fighting and winning, and that's the kind of leadership he'll bring to the White House."