Chris Dodd for President, Inc.

Ray Zirkelbach ad
60-second radio ad run in IA starting Dec. 17, 2007 (announced Dec. 16).

Produced by Saul Schorr

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Ray Zirkelbach:  I'm Ray Zirkelbach.  Some of you may have heard my story. 

I'm an Iowa National Guardsman and I returned from the front lines in Iraq in July.  I also happen to be a Democratic State Representative.  
I want people to know that talking about Iraq, and doing this radio ad, is not easy for me.  But I'm doing it because I want my 20-month old daughter Claire, who was born while I was in Iraq, to live in a country with leaders who once again care about what's happening to average families like yours and mine. 
That's why I'll be caucusing for Chris Dodd for President.  I trust him to bring the War in Iraq to an end.  Chris Dodd served in the military, and I know he'll do right by the veterans who have fought for our country. 
But the main reason I'm for Chris Dodd is because I trust him to do what's right for all our families. 
Dodd: I'm Chris Dodd and I approved this message, and I'm asking all Iowans to join Ray and caucus for me on January 3rd.