ED in '08

"Abby Ad"
30-second ad run in Iowa; announced Aug. 3, 2007. 

[Music and SFX]

ON SCREEN:  Abby Bowman Johnston High School

Abby Bowman:  "I feel like the government is kind of letting us down."

ON SCREEN: 19% of Iowa students don't graduate high school

Abby Bowman:  "When I hear that other kids in other countries are so much more advanced than we are in education it's kind of embarrassing... that says something about where our priorities are."

ON SCREEN: America's graduation rate has fallen to 19th in the world.

Abby Bowman:  "I fear that my generation is not prepared to handle the real world."

ON SCREEN: 70% of 8th graders are not proficient in reading

Abby Bowman:  "People need to stand up and say to the presidential candidates 'we want to hear about education.'"

Abby Bowman: "Education is critical for our future.  Come join us at Edin08.com"

Notes: According to the ED in '08 press release
"ED in '08 is investing more than $45,000 over a nine day period in the Des Moines market alone to inform Iowans and candidates of the need for K-12 education reform. The ad features a recent Johnston High School graduate and Iowan, Abby Bowman, 17, who will cast her first vote in a presidential election next year."