John Edwards for President

"We the People-Iowa"
30 sec. ad run statewide in IA including cable and broadcast television starting May 8, 2007.

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Person 1: President Bush isnít listening to Iowans.

Person 2: He vetoed Congressís plan to end the war in Iraq...

Person 3: ...and bring our troops home.

Person 4: We, the People... 

Person 5: ...want Congress to stand firm.

Person 6: Donít back down. 

Person 1: Send him the same bill that you sent him before.

Person 5: Iowans support our troops. 

Person 7: And we have a responsibility to bring them home.

Person 8: Because stopping a President who believes he can do no wrong...

Person 2: ...takes people with the courage...

Person do whatís right.

John Edwards: Iím John Edwards and I approve this message.


Notes:  The Edwards campaign's first Iowa ad "features Iowans who call on Congress not to back down to President Bush's veto of the Iraq war funding resolution." (May 8 press release).  The ad follows the model of the "We the People" ad the campaign ran in the DC market starting May 2.  Also according to the press release the campaign is "inviting citizens to submit their own video messages using YouTube technology, and he will release an expanded version of the Iowa ad online as more and more video messages are submitted."

Interesting points of this ad are the use and involvement of ordinary citizens young and old to convey the message and the weaving together of snippets of their remarks.   The very first words of the ad are "President Bush..."  It might have been more constructive if in addtion to the "send a message" component the ad had a "here's my plan" component, for example pointing people to the campaign's web site.