John Edwards for President

30 second ad run in IA, NH and SC starting Dec. 23, 2007 (announced Dec. 19, 2007).

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[Music] Edwards: One out of every four homeless people on our streets is a veteran. 

Thirty-seven million Americans live in poverty. 

Who speaks for them?  We do. 

This is the season of miracles, of faith and love. 

So let us promise together: you will never be forgotten again. 

We see you, we hear you, and we will speak for you.

In America, the chance to build a better life is a promise made to each of us, and the obligation to keep it rests with us all. 

Edwards voiceover: Iím John Edwards and I approved this message.  


Notes: A number of campaigns put out Christmas-themed ads.  The Edwards ad is straightforward and centers on his theme of fighting poverty.