John Edwards for President

"Time for Truth"
30 second ad run in IA starting Dec. 27, 2007 along with "Choice."

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[Music] Edwards: Itís time to tell the truth. 

These big corporations and their greed, they are stealing your childrenís future.

We will never change this country unless weíre willing to take those people on. 

I believe that on the night of January 3rd, youíre going to say enough is enough.  [applause]

Thereís going to be a rising that begins right here in Iowa and itís going to spread across America
and it will be a wave of change that cannot be stopped. [applause continues]

Edwards (voiceover): Iím John Edwards and I approve this message.


Notes: More very strong populist rhetoric (for example "those people").  In contrast to "Choice" which centers on Edwards, this ad is full of people, presumably Iowans, knodding and applauding.