Every Child Matters

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton ad
30 sec. radio ad run in NH on WFEA-AM, WMLL-FM and WZID-FM starting Oct. 15, 2007. 

T. Berry Brazelton:  In my 60 years as a pediatrician Iíve seen some wonderful improvements in how we care for our kids.

But today millions of our children and families are falling behind.

Please join me in telling our presidential candidates that we need greater investments in children.  

Iím Berry Brazelton and Iím voting for kids.

Because in New Hampshire Every Child Matters.

Voiceover:  Paid for by Every Child Matters.  Visit every child matters dot org to learn more.


Notes: This ad coincided with the one question a day for a week series that Every Child Matters ran in the Concord Monitor.