Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Inc.
"Garbage Can"
One of three 60-second radio ads run in IA and NH starting July 24, 2007 (announced July 23 along with "Out of Control" and "Will Do").

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Voice Over: Hereís Rudy Giuliani, talking about his 12 Commitments to the American People, 
including his commitment to cut taxes and reform the tax code.

Giuliani: I believe that you collect more money from lower taxes then you collect from higher taxes.  I believe in it because I saw it work.

I was given a report, shortly after I was Mayor-Elect, and the report was all of the things that should be done to take New York City out of the deficit.  The biggest ones were raise taxes.  They asked me what I was going to do with the report, and I said Iím going to throw it in the garbage.  It doesnít make any sense.  Itís exactly why we are in the trouble we are in, and then I went ahead and reduced taxes.  I reduced the rate for income tax by about 23-24 percent.  The revenues from the income tax went up 40 percent.  Thatís what we have to do. I will cut taxes and reform the tax code because I realize that thatís how you stimulate an economy.

Voice Over: Paid for by Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee Incorporated.


Giuliani: Iím Rudy Giuliani and I approve this message.