Huckabee for President, Inc.
60-second ad heard in IA on Dec. 12, 2007. 

Produced by Dresner, Wickers & Associates, LLC

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[Music] Huckabee: Faith doesnít just influence me, it really defines me.  I donít have to wake up every morning and decide what Iím going to believe today.

Announcer: Mike Huckabee.  Christian leader.  Named one of Americaís Best Governors by TIME Magazine.

Huckabee (FRC speech audio): Let us never sacrifice our principles for anybodyís politics.  Not now.  Not ever!

Announcer: As governor, Mike Huckabee led by principle, passing human life legislation and a marriage amendment to his stateís constitution. 

Huckabee: I believe the same thing today that I believed yesterday Ė Iím going to believe that tomorrow.  And itís because faith gives me a groundingÖmy moral compass points northÖ

Announcer: Join Mike Huckabeeís campaign for President today. 

Huckabee (FRC speech audio): We believe in some things.  We stand by those things!  We live and die by those things!

Announcer: Proven leader.  Principled, authentic conservative.  Learn more at

Huckabee: Iím Mike Huckabee and I approve this message. 

Announcer: Paid for by Huckabee for President, Incorporated.