Ads in the 2008 Iowa Caucus Campaign: A Rough Sketch*
According to a Wisconsin Advertising Project analysis of TNS Media Intelligence data a total of $43 million was spent on presidential campaign advertising in the Iowa caucus campaign, and "voters in and around Des Moines saw almost 22,000 ads this campaign, worth more than $15 million."  The table below gives a rough sense of many of the ads aired by the campaigns and when they ran (interest group ads are not shown).

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*Ads are shown in the month when they initially ran in Iowa according to campaign press releases.  If an ad started late in a month it may have continued to run into the next month.  For example, to see ads running in Jan. 2008, in addition to those listed, also check the last ads in Dec. 2007.  Further, some ads may be missing.  Several of the campaigns were not very good about annoucing their ads.  Additionally, sometimes a campaign will an ad in one state and announce it, and then run it later in another state and not make an announcement.  Thus while the chart below very likely has omissions it gives a sense of what the campaigns were running and when they were running it.  Radio ads are marked -r.
< earlier 2007 August September October November December 2007 January 2008
Biden -"Cathedral"
-"January Night"
Clinton -"Invisible" -"Change"
-"Health Care Plan"
-"Stand by Us"
-"There For You"
-"Energy Future"
-"Joe Ward"
-"Wes Clark"
-"New Beginning"
-"Nuestra Candidata"-r
-"Great Things"
-Newsp. endorsements
-Thank you Iowa
-"Crossroads IA"
Dodd -"Jim's" -"View from the Shop"
-"I Am"
-Zirkelbach ad-r
Edwards -"Heroes-IA"
-"Health Care"
-"Twenty Generations"
-"30 Years"
-"Time for Truth"
Obama -"What If" -Change Ad
-"For Us"-r
-"High and Dry" -"Moment"
Richardson -"Focused"
-"Long Enough"
-"Only One"
-"When I Began"
-"Bold Plan" -"All Out"
-"A Way Out"
Giuliani -"Nightmare"-r -"Them"-r
Huckabee -"Chuck Norris Approved"
-"Secure Borders"
-"A Better America"
-"What Really Matters"
-"Start Now"
-"Founding Fathers"
"-Tax Cuts Matter"
-"Our Values"
Paul -"Hope,""Marque," and "Tired"-r
-TV ad 1
-TV ad 2
-"Who is Ron Paul?" (Radio ad #1)-r
"The Real Republican" (Radio ad #2)-r
-Radio ad #3-r -Health Care ad
-"Defender of Freedom"
-30-minute TV special
Romney -"Change Begins"
-"Thanks Iowa"
-"Change Begins with Us"
-"Ready for Action"
-"Our Home"
-"Change Immigration"
-"American Family"
-"Stronger Economy"-r
-"Take Charge"
-"Historic Choice"
-"Not Politically Correct"
-"Choice: The Record"
Tancredo Amnesty Politicians ad-r -Radio ad-r
"Tough on Terror"
-"Tough on Terror 2"-r
FThompson -"Consistent Conservative"
-"No Amnesty"
-Club for
-ED in '08
-League of Conservation Voters Political Action -Log Cabin Republicans -Alliance for a New America, also r
-Club for
-Democratic Courage PAC, 2
-Friends of the Earth Action-r
-ONE Vote 08
-Republican Majority for Choice 
-Working for Working Americans

February March April May June July
Dodd -"Civil"
-"Ready to Lead"
-"Amazing Grace"
Edwards -"We the People-Iowa"
Obama -"Choices"
"Take It Back"
Richardson -"Life's Work"
-"The Wall"
-"Job Interview"
-"Tell Me"
-"Clean Energy"
-"Asked You"
-"Stand Up"
-"Web Energy"
Giuliani -"Garbage Can"-r
-"Will Do"-r
-"Out of Control"-r
Romney -"Unplugged Iowa" -"I Like Vetoes" -"Now Is The Time"
-"Secure Borders"
-"Tested, Proven"
-"Work Like Crazy" -"Ann on Family"-r
Tancredo -Radio ad-r -"No Amnesty!"-r
-"Protecting American Values"-r
-"The Culture War"-r
-Television ad
TThompson -Iraq-r -Illegal Immigration-r
INTEREST GROUPS Political Action


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