Log Cabin Republicans
60-second ad run in NH  in the Manchester and Portsmouth-Dover-Rochester radio markets starting Nov. 29, 2007
[SFX, Music] Male Announcer:  Mitt-Flops…sounds like something you'd wear to the beach, but they could cost you.

Let's see.

Running for governor, Mitt Romney said he'd balance the budget without raising taxes.

So what'd he really do?  He raised taxes on some New Hampshire residents who worked in Massachusetts, taxing their income and their pensions.

That's a Mitt-Flop.  [SFX]

Then Romney claimed he was just 'closing loopholes'.  The truth: he raised taxes $128 million. 

After that? $70 million more. 

A year later? He tried to hike taxes another $170 million.  That’s a triple Mitt-Flop.  [SFX]

Romney even refused to support the Bush tax cuts.

Now?  He’s seen the light on tax cuts.  Do you believe this conversion?

Massachusetts Mitt sounds like another flip-flopping politician…

John Kerry:  “I actually did vote for the 87 billion dollars, before I voted against it.”  [SFX]

Announcer:  Mitt Romney – just another Massachusetts flip-flopper.

Paid for by Log Cabin Republicans who are responsible for the content of this ad.  Learn more about Romney’s record at

Notes:  According to the press release:
The commercial highlights the fact that Romney, when running for Governor, said he’d balance the budget without raising taxes, but then “Mitt flopped” and raised taxes anyway.  He even raised taxes on some New Hampshire residents who work in Massachusetts—taxing pensions and pay.  The ad also focuses on Romney’s refusal as governor to endorse President Bush’s tax cuts.

“No one knows what Mitt Romney believes because he changes his positions so often—even more than John Kerry,” said Sammon.  “Our Party deserves better than a flip-flopper with no principles.”

The radio ad is a continuation of Log Cabin’s effort to educate Republicans about Romney’s “Mitt flops” on numerous issues—from taxes, to guns, to immigration, to campaign finance reform, to abortion, to gay rights and beyond.

The campaign responded thusly:
"This negative attack and gross distortion of the governor's record was launched and paid for by a group recognized as having Mayor Giuliani as their 'favorite' candidate.  Governor Romney supports a federal marriage amendment and so it makes sense that a national gay rights group would attack him.  Governor Romney has a stellar record of fiscal responsibility, having cut wasteful spending and worked to lower taxes as a chief executive focused on pro-growth economic policies.  It's a record that even a negative attack ad can't change."
                                                     -Kevin Madden, Romney for President campaign spokesman