Political Action

"Reckless "

30 sec. ad run in early primary states including IA and NH,  week of April 23, 2007 (announced April 20).

[Music]  Male Announcer:  America has lived through six years of a reckless foreign policy.

We're stuck in Iraq. 

More than 3,000 Americans are dead, and thousands more wounded.

Now comes John McCain with his answer to what we should do about Iran.

McCain clip:  That old Beach Boys song, "Bomb Iran."  Bomb, bomb, bomb...  

Male Announcer:  John McCain?  We can't afford another reckless president. is responsible for the content of this advertisement.


Notes:  This ad picks up on a remark Sen. McCain made while answering a question at town hall meeting in South Carolina on April 19.  As several observers pointed out, ads by the liberal probably help McCain's candidacy.