Romney for President, Inc.
"Giuliani: A Betrayal of Trust"
30-second ad run in IA week of Sept. 17, 2007 initial buy of $50,000.  On Sept. 18 MoveOn announced it was spending an additional $50,000 to run the ad nationally.
Male Announcer:  Rudy Giuliani has always been a big fan of George Bush's war in Iraq. 

Yet when Giuliani had the chance to actually do something  about the war, he went AWOL. [SFX].

After skipping important meetings [SFX] of the Iraq Study Group, he quit.  [SFX]. 

And gave speeches. [SFX].  For money. 

Republican voters should ask: Giuliani: where were you when it counted? 

Rudy Giuliani.  A betrayal of trust.

With 3.2 million members, Political Action is responsible for the content of this advertisement.


Notes: The Giuliani campaign responded with a radio ad "Nightmare."

According to MoveOn's press release:

A new TV ad attacking Rudy Giuliani for failing to address the Iraq War problem when he had the chance as a member of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) will begin airing this week in Iowa. The former mayor was asked to leave the prestigious committee because of his frequent absences. Rather than meeting his obligation to the group, Giuliani spent his time collecting high fees for speaking engagements all over the country.

"Rudy Giuliani has become an uncritical cheerleader for George Bush's war in Iraq. Yet when he had the chance to actually do something about the war, he went AWOL.  He was thrown off the Iraq Study Group for missing too many meetings.  Where was he? Out making huge sums of money giving speeches. When Rudy had the chance to support our troops, he left them high and dry. Now that's a true betrayal of trust," said Eli Pariser, Political Action's executive director.