Obama for America

"Take It Back"
30 sec. ad run in IA  starting August 1, 2007 (announced July 31).

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Obama (voiceover):  Iím Barack Obama and I approve this message.

Obama (clip from announcement speech):  I know that I haven't spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington.  But, I've been there long enough to know that the ways of Washington must change. 

Male Announcer:  In the Senate, Barack Obama challenged both parties to pass tough new ethics rules and rein in the power of lobbyists.

And heís leading by example, refusing contributions from PACs and Washington lobbyists who have too much power today.

Obama (clip):  They think they own this government.  But we're here today to take it back. [SFX: applause] 


Notes:  In conjunction with this ad, the campaign reported that it put "Not Paid for by PAC or Federal Lobbyist Money" signs in dozens of offices across the state to highlight "its commitment to decreasing the influence of Washington lobbyists and political action committees."  Further, according to the press release, 
"In 25 campaign offices across the state this week, community leaders as well as local supporters and donors will talk about why Senator Obamaís record of reform and refusal to accept money from Washington lobbyists or PACs is important to them. Obama has proposed the most far-reaching ethics and lobbying reform plan of any candidate in this race, pledging that no one working in an Obama Administration will be allowed to lobby the White House after they leave."