Obama for America
"Man of Hope"
60-sec. radio ad run on African American radio stations in South Carolina announced on Aug. 8, 2007. 

The campaign reported that this ad and "It's Time" were running on thirty-six gospel and R&B radio stations. 

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[Music] Male Announcer:  Barack Obama and the politics of hope.

Clip of Barack Obama:  I was a young community organizer working with a group of churches that were trying to do something about the devastation of steel plants that had closed. 

The fact that I was working with a lot of churches led me to conclude that I probably need to start going to church.  [laughter]

So one day I walk in to Trinity United Church of Christ. 

And my pastorís premise is very simple.  He says, ďListen, the easiest thing in the world is to be cynical.  You look at the world as it is, with its poverty and its violence and its division, and the easiest thing is to say, thereís not much we can do to change it."

Male Announcer: Barack Obama found that through faith and hope and hard work we can make a change for America.

Clip of Barack Obama: Although the world as it is may have its problems, that does not determine the world as it might be. 

Male Announcer: Barack Obama for the future of America.  Barack Obama for President.

Clip of Barack Obama: Iím Barack Obama and I approved this message.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Obama for America.