Obama for America

Change Ad
30 sec. ad run in IA  starting approx. Sept. 6, 2007.

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Obama (voiceover):  Iím Barack Obama and I approved this message. 

[Music up]Male Announcer:  When he passed Illinois' most sweeping ethics reforms in a generation it wasn't to win favors from political insiders. 

When he passed laws to reveal federal spending online and force lobbyists to disclose campaign
fundraising it wasn't to score points with the powers in Washington. 

It was because Barack Obama believes government should work for people.  And together we can
make that happen. 

Obama (voiceover):  If you join me, we're going to take our country back. [SFX: applause] 


Notes:  Ad consists of a series of still photos; camera zooms slowly in or out on the photos.