Obama for America
"For Us"
60-sec. radio ad run in IA starting Oct. 24, 2007.

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Barack Obama: Iím Barack Obama and I approve this message.

[Music] Duffy Lyon: Iím Duffy LyonÖ my husband and I raise dairy cows and beef cattle here in Iowa.  But you might remember me as the State Fair's Butter Cow Lady. 

You know, you see a lot of manure in our line of work.  Itís a lot like politics.  You got to know whatís bull ["Moo" SFX] and whatís for real. 

Barack Obamaís got a real plan for rural America.  And itís gutsy because it looks out for us, not lobbyists. 

It ends huge payments to factory farms that drive family farms out of business and gets rid of income taxes for most Iowa seniors. 

But the best part is he listened and knows our kids need opportunity here in Iowa so they donít have to leave home to follow their dreams.  Even if that dream is 500 pounds of butter shaped like a cow.

Barack Obama.  Heís change we can believe in.  And thatís no bull.  ["Moo" SFX]

Male Announcer: Paid for by Obama for America.