Obama for America

30 sec. ad run in IA starting Oct. 28, 2007

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Obama (voiceover):  Iím Barack Obama and I approved this message. 

Obama:  Weíve got 78 million baby boomers who are going to be retiring.  Thereís going to be more money going out than money coming in. 

If we have failed to have a real, honest conversation about Social Security, it will not get fixed. This is a program that millions of people depend on. 

I donít want to just put my finger out to the wind and see what the polls say.  I want to bring the country together to solve a problem.  [Applause] 


Notes: Text screen is up for approximately 7 seconds as the three points are added.
The Obama Principles: 
·Protect benefits 
·No privatization of Social Security 
·End Social Security tax exemption for the wealthy 

From the press release:

"The ad comes one day after Obama noted in a Des Moines townhall that Senator Clinton has repeatedly dodged opportunities to reveal her thinking about the best way to strengthen Social Security.  Obama was introduced at the event by Tod Bowman, a previously undecided Iowa caucusgoer and Maquoketa high school teacher, who asked Senator Clinton for more details about her position on Social Security at a campaign event in Iowa.  In the public forum, she declined to directly answer Bowmanís question, but later offered him a response when she thought no reporters were present."