Obama for America

"High and Dry"
30 sec. ad run in IA starting Nov. 8, 2007.

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[Music] Obama (voiceover): Iím Barack Obama and I approve this message.

Dave Hartgrave:  I worked here for 33 years.  Did everything that they asked me to do.  The executives decided to take $19 million out of our pension fund.  Didnít return it.  Thought I was going to be getting $1500 a month.  I only got $379. 

Obama:  Iím telling the CEOs it hurts America when they cash out and leave workers high and dry.

Itís an outrage.  And youíve got to have someone in the White House who believes itís an outrage.

Hartgrave:  Barack Obamaís gonna look out for me. 


Notes: The ad features David Hartgrave, a Cedar Rapids resident who worked for Farmstead Foods.