Obama for America

30 sec. ad run in IA starting Dec. 17, 2007. 

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Obama (voiceover): I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message. 

Male Announcer: His candor is refreshing 
Des Moines Register David Yepsen, 2/12/07 

His scrupulous honesty…is far more presidential than the dodging of other candidates. 
Time Magazine Joe Klein, 11/12/07 

Barack Obama.  His health care plan takes on "powerful interests."  And "that tells voters something important about him." 
Des Moines Register, 6/1/07 

On Wall Street, he got tough on CEOs…
Chicago Tribune, 9/17/07 

…telling them to protect the middle class…
New York Times, 9/18/07 

…because for Barack Obama it's not politics as usual… 
Cedar Rapids Gazette, 10/27/07 

It's change we can believe in.


Notes:  A broadly inspirational ad featuring B-roll footage of Obama events and quotes from the press.