ONE Vote '08

30-second TV ad run in IA and NH starting Dec. 13, 2007. 

Produced by Fred Davis, Strategic Perception, Inc.

[SFX: One voice singing]

Male Announcer:  One voice can make a difference.

[SFX: A growing, thundering crescendo of singing]

Male Announcer:  But, one plus one plus one is impossible to ignore.  Join us to plead as one …

… to heal and bring hope to the world. 

Ask each presidential candidate if they’re on the record fighting global poverty and disease. 

[SFX: One voice screaming]

Male Announcer:  One voice, plus yours and millions of others …

[SFX: A growing, thundering crescendo of screams]

Male Announcer:  … they will hear. 

Notes: According to the press release this ad seeks to encourage voters in early states "to vote for the presidential candidate with the strongest policy proposals to improve global health and alleviate extreme poverty."  The ad campaign was just part of ONE Vote '08 efforts, which include GOTV and a section on its website with "On the Record" videos featuring the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates outlining their plans to combat global poverty and improve global health.