Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee

Ad 1
30-second TV ad run in Iowa in advance of the Straw Poll, starting approximately Aug. 7, 2007.

Produced in house

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[Vocal Music: "There's a great man we can count on..."]

Male Announcer: Ron Paul has never voted to increase taxes, he refused his congressional pension, and has never voted to raise his congressional pay.

Now he's running for president to secure our borders [SFX: applause], to stop runaway spending, to protect our liberties and save our Constitution.

Paul (clip from speech): We never have to sacrifice one bit of liberty to be secure.  [applause]

Male Announcer: There's hope for America.  Be a part of it.  Ames Straw Poll--Saturday August 11th.

Paul (voiceover): This is Ron Paul, candidate for President, and I approve this ad.