Bill Richardson for President Exploratory Committee, Inc.

"Job Interview"
30 sec. ad run on broadcast affiliates and cable systems in Iowa starting May 10, 2007.

Produced by Steve Murphy and Mark Putnam of Murphy Putnam Media in Alexandria, VA.

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Job Interviewer: Mmmm hmmm. Hmmmm

Ok, 14 years in Congress.

U.N. Ambassador.

Secretary of Energy.

Governor of New Mexico.

Negotiated with dictators in Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, Zaire, Nigeria, Yugoslavia, Kenya got a ceasefire in Darfur

nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times

So What makes you think you can be president?

[A couple seconds of music...logo on screen]

Bill Richardson (voiceover): Im Bill Richardson and I approved this message.


Notes: According to the press release, this is the first "in a series of 'Job Interview' TV ads that make light of the political establishment's view of the Governor's campaign for President."  The press release continues: 
"We wanted to do something original in a Presidential campaign - and that was to use humor to communicate Governor Richardson's vast record of achievement in public service, foreign affairs and as Governor of New Mexico," said campaign manager Dave Contarino.

The ads, which begin airing tomorrow in Iowa, feature the Governor in a generic job interview setting with a skeptical interviewer who remains unconvinced of the Governor's readiness to be President.  "By highlighting Governor Richardson's sense of humor about his status in the race," said Contarino, "we're also giving voters a window into the Governor's personality and his willingness to poke a little fun at himself and the process of running for President."

This ad has the same focus on biography as the campaign's first ad "Life's Work," but the approach to conveying that information could not be much different.  The use of humor is effective because it conveys the point.  The ad is also effective because it portrays a situation many people can relate to.