Bill Richardson for President, Inc.

"Asked You"
30 sec. ad run on broadcast affiliates and cable systems in Iowa starting June 11, 2007.

Produced by Steve Murphy and Mark Putnam of Murphy Putnam Media in Alexandria, VA.

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Governor Richardson in job interview setting:  Global warming is critical for the next president.

And no other state has done as much as New Mexico.

We passed tax credits for wind, solar and bio fuels. 

Utility companies have to use renewable sources.

And I set tough standards to reduce greenhouse emissions.

President Bush doesn't follow the Kyoto Treaty, but my state does.

I can do all that as president.

Job Interviewer:  But what I asked you Ö was if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

[Video cuts to logo and music sting]

Voiceover:  Iím Bill Richardson and I approved this message.


Notes: The third of the "Job Interview" TV ads that "make light of the political establishment's view of the Governor's campaign for President."  Excerpt from the press release: 
"This ad was fun to make - watch the ending - you'll see why, but global warming is a serious subject that I think is critically important for the health of our planet. I think this ad communicates that in a memorable way," said Governor Bill Richardson.

Recent New Hampshire and Iowa polling has shown the Governor climbing into contention with between 8-10 percent of the primary and caucus vote. This polling comes on the heels of Governor Richardson's groundbreaking TV ad campaign - the first major presidential candidate to run humorous advertising in modern political history.

"We've gotten a tremendous response to both these ads and the Governor's record," said campaign manager Dave Contarino. "The excitement over the interview ads is clearly helping drive the Governor's rise in the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire, where the ads have run."

Compare to the Dodd ad "Global" from late May, which also addresses global warming.