Bill Richardson for President, Inc.

"Only One"
60 sec. ad run in IA and NH released Oct. 22, 2007.

Produced by Steve Murphy and Mark Putnam of Murphy Putnam Media in Alexandria, VA.

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Kathy Daliberti: I was phoned at work and told by Daveís company that he was missing.

Bill Barloon: They ripped the license plates off our car.  They blindfolded us.  They jumped in with their AKs and we drove through the desert.

David Daliberti: We were accused of being spies.

Bill Barloon: We were transported to Baghdad.

David Daliberti: And that in Iraq was the death penalty.

Bill Barloon: Then Congressman Richardson came and spoke with Saddam Hussein.

Kathy Daliberti: Heís the only one that was willing to, to leave his family, his wife behind, travel to a dangerous section of the world, for two men he didnít even know.

Bill Barloon: Here this big guy, you know, he is a pretty big guy.  And heís got a heart as big as he is.  And the kindest, one of the kindest guys you know, just so nice to us.  And he said you guys are going home.  And our reaction was much like mine is now.

Richardson: Iím Bill Richardson and Iím honored to approve this message.


Notes: From the press release: 
The ad, entitled "Only One," details a hostage situation in Iraq that then-Congressman Richardson was called upon to defuse.  In the 60-second spot, Bill Barloon, the late David Daliberti, and his wife Kathy Daliberti praise Richardson for obtaining the release of the two men from Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in July 1995. 

"Governor Richardson is the only candidate with hands-on experience in tense international disputes," campaign manager Dave Contarino said. "This year, Governor Richardson has helped shut down North Korea's largest nuclear reactor and has obtained a temporary cease-fire in Darfur. Bill Richardson's record speaks for itself: even in the most hostile situations, he gets the job done right. The United States no longer can afford on-the-job diplomatic training and needs a President with the kind of international experience that only Bill Richardson has."